iSentinel is a strategic intelligence firm that accompanies its clients in the research and production of key information.

iSentinel gathers, analyzes and synthesizes information available on open sources (Internet and the press) published in rare languages in order to produce knowledge that can be directly exploited by decision-makers.

These services are used by the senior management of companies or institutions as well as by international affairs leaders, business managers, security or communication professionals.

Project Areas

Through the human resources available to leaders, iSentinel allows its clients to monitor their interests in languages that are often difficult to access.

The firm’s collaborators are bilingual, have graduated from the best schools and have considerable experience in the targeted markets. This qualitative recruitment guarantees an internal expertise on the issues we work with and a complete mastery of regional contexts.

In addition to our internal strengths, iSentinel benefits from the expertise of the iStrat Group, which specializes in mechanisms of online influence and issues such as political activism, industry and finance.


  • Market monitoring:
    Data analysis and exploitation on the targeted economic environment, following market developments and decoding the moves of different actors, detecting new entrants.
  • Political monitoring:
Diagnosing media coverage, identifying influencers and studying their statements, evaluating the reactions of online communities, following the evolution of legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • Online image audit:
    Analysis and monitoring of the client’s online image, as well as the image of its subsidiaries, products or leaders.
  • Online influence map:
    Detecting online opinion leaders; sociology of controversies; segmentation of contributing parties and categorization of their messages according to theme, tone and political affinity; graphic presentation of different actors and their levels of interconnection and engagement.

  • Deliverables in English, French or in the source language.